Welcome to Sydney!

Welcome to Sydney!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Vanuatu - Part 4

As we continued the Island tour of the Ring Road, we continued to see some beautiful farm land and animals.

These were two horses with a bunch of cows with them as well.

We stopped at a place called the Blue Lagoon. Even though it was a bit cool, we just couldn't resist getting in the crystal clear water.

Look how clear the water is!

OK, I wouldn't want to show me in a swimsuit, but Dan was being so creative lining me up with this piece of fruit that fell in the lagoon.

It was such an unnatural, but beautiful color and this was on a cloudy day!

Next stop - turtle bay - which is a sea turtle conservation area.

This is Dan holding a turtle less than a month old. They raise them and release them.

This is a cocunut crab. They are getting close to being endangered, but are supposed to be tasty. We didn't eat one because of their nearly endangered status.

This is the staff quarters since the conservation place is also a resort-ish place too.
 This is just some of the grounds, very pretty things here.

Dan fed these sea turtles mangoes! One of them is 70 years old!

After such a long day, we stopped for lunch at a beautiful resort and restaurant called Villa Charmieures.

The resort was on the lagoon near the main town. We saw tons of these starfish through the crystal clear water!

We had one day of relaxing and then next day - Tanna Island!

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