Welcome to Sydney!

Welcome to Sydney!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sculptures by the Sea part 2

Here are some more of the great pieces of art we saw!

 Ok, so not a sculpture, but I couldn't help getting this ocean shot. So beautiful with this smooth rock over it...
 This is a good example about lack of perspective. It is probably about the size of a car or larger, but there was no point of reference.

 This was one of my favourites. I took several shots of it. It is hard to see how beautiful the granite it is made of it and how shiny.

Really recommend this to anyone who has the chance to see it!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Beach Weekend and Sculptures by the Sea

We had a wonderful weekend! Nearly 80 degrees (which feels VERY hot in Australia), sunny, and lots of fun activities. On Saturday, we drove out to Dee Why Beach, a beach north of the city about 24 km from us (12 miles) and set up a shady tent-like thing Dan bought (kind of a portable cabana) and laid in lounge chair and enjoyed the beach. So relaxing!

Here is our view from our personal 'cabana.' We had a lovely lunch on a small cafe with a view here as well.

Today was a beautiful day too. We went with our friends Ellen and Tom (who said we could use their names on here) and walked the Sculpture by the Sea. This is an annual event where artists display amazing sculptures along the beach from Tamarama Beach to Bondi Beach (about 10 miles from us maybe). We parked at Clovelly beach, so walked even further. We arrived at about 9 am, which we all agreed was too late. The sun is just so strong here! We recommended getting there by 8 or so. We ran into our neighbors and friends who got there at half past seven, probably best if you want to walk both ways. We walked it one way and then enjoyed a late breakfast in a cafe at Bondi Beach and caught a taxi to our car...Lazy? Maybe. Smart, I think so! I apologize in advance. I'm posting A LOT of pictures. I know, at least, our friends Jerry and Rich at home will really want to see this. We thought of them the whole walk and know they would have greatly enjoyed the combo of both art and thes sea - two of their favourite things. We miss you both! So, here goes, so amazingly beautiful!

At Clovelly Beach, we saw cute little Aussie kids going to swim/surf class. Look how they ALL wear green caps due to sun exposure and sensitivity to skin cancer here.
 Ellen and Tom at the beginning of the walk.
 This old cemetery has a great view! What a beautiful spot to be laid to rest.

 Dan and I right before we entered the exhibits.
 The first sculpture we saw and one of my favourites!

 This was made out of recycled tires.
 This was made out of pieces of firewood.
I'll post more in the next post. Think I have a lot of pictures here!