Welcome to Sydney!

Welcome to Sydney!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Vanuatu - Part 2

We really relaxed the first day or so and then we went to the main town of Port Villa. It is a fairly small town which accommodates both the local and tourist needs. It is nothing like you'd find in a large Caribbean tourist city, but does have the occasional souvenir shop or ex pat-type bar for tourists. Everyone was very friendly and it was easy to get around. Food was really good every where we went.

While we were there, it was a bit windy and cool, low 70s ish. We enjoyed this fresh piece of Wahoo at a place called the Anchor Inn and enjoyed a Vanuatu beer.

From the Anchor Inn, we could see several ships. This big one with the four masts had recently come in from Panama where there was a tip that there were drugs on board and the newspaper over the whole week had articles about it. The owner fled and the head of the police or investigative office or something was under charges at the end of the week for possibly having helped him flee!
 This was just a slide in front of a park that led to the harbour. I've never seen that before.
 Here is one of the large public markets - loads of fruit, vegetables, roots, and other things.

 This is a spot we stopped for a beer at and I played with the fancy features on my new camera!

One of the things The Havannah offers is a free ride to Lelepa Island. You buys a picnic through them and they take you there and back. It is about a 30 minute boat ride on a small boat. Once there, we felt like we were on a desert island. It was also the best weather day we had on the main island - one of the highlights of our trip!

Here is our driver and the hotel in the background.

This is Dan with the picnic basket and rustic bench where our picnic was held.
 Look how clear the water was!
 We both swam and snorkeled a bit. Not too many fish that we saw during this short time, but some really beautiful coral!
 Look at the blue coral!


The next day we travelled to Tanna Island for our favourite part of the trip!

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